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Premier is an Australian group of investors incorporated in Singapore and is specifically established as an investment group to become active participants in the expanding Mineral Resources markets of the Asian region.

Australia has been the largest supplier of mineral sands in the world since the 1960’s, vast infrastructure and experience associated with extraction, analysis, production; engineering, product marketing and environmental safeguards have been developed. Directors and staff of Premier will draw on this experience for all future developments.
On the east coast of Australia Premier has identified several commercially viable resources which are now being considered for further examination and development.
In Bangladesh premier has a number of granted Exploration Licences (EL), together with numerous Exploration Licence Applications (ELA) and Mining Lease Applications (MLA). The initial focus for exploration was the Cox’s Bazar coastline (also known as the Teknaf Peninsula), reconnaissance exploration work has also been extended to a cluster of sand islands in the Bay of Bengal, where extensive HM mineralisation is observed in both the beach sands, and inter-tidal shoals associated with the islands. The geological setting appears favourable for development of high grade beach placers, and significant HM resources have been identified. As a logical expansion of exploration, shoals and sand bars (chars) within the major river systems of Bangladesh (Padma, Jamuna, and Meghna) are also being evaluated.