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Department of Environment - DOE

The first environmental activities in Bangladesh were taken soon after the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment in 1972. As a follow up action to the Stockholm Conference, the Government of Bangladesh funded, under the AEGIS of the Department of Public Health Engineering and with a staff level of 27 and after promulgating the Water Pollution Control Ordinance in 1973, a project primarily aimed at water pollution control. subsequent years, various events took place as described below.
In 1977, Environment Pollution Control Board with 16 members headed by a Member of the Planning Commission and Environment Pollution Control Cell headed by a Director with staff complement of 26 was established. This was followed in 1977 by the establishment of the Environment Pollution Control Project, in 1985 by the establishment of the Department Pollution Control and finally, in 1989 by the restructured and renamed the Department of Environment (the Department) the activities of which are overseen by a Director General. The Department discharges its responsibilities through a head office and six Divisional offices located in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Barisal and Sylhet.

This department operates under the Ministry of Environment and Forest performs its duties undertaking the following actions:

  • fair and consistent application of environmental rules and regulations;
  • guiding, training, and promoting awareness of environmental issues; and
  • sustainable action on critical environmental problems that demonstrate practical solutions, and that galvanize public support and involvement.

Exploration Licences and Mining Leases require environmental clearances prior to any field activity commencing.

Department of Environment - DOE