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Exploration Activities

Premier Minerals has extensively focused exploration on the bay of Bengal Beaches, Islands and shaoals of Bangladesh. Resently some research has been made in the three mightly rivers systems the Meghna, Padma and Jamuna.

PML started its exploration activities in Bangladesh at Teknaf Peninsular in late 2006, and since 2009 has expanded into three different fields of exploration. Coast, Rivers and Islands and has proceeded with 78 Exploration license applications five of which have been granted to date.
PML has applied for 9 exploration licenses in Teknaf Peninsula, two of which have been granted, , and five of which are at the final stages of approval, these applications cover around 150kms of coastline along the Cox’s Bazar region and Teknaf peninsula. The applications vary in width from 300 meters to several kilometers and incorporate all the potentially mineralized sand deposits.
Premier Minerals Limited (PML) carried out a numbers of reconnaissance visit in three largest Rivers of Bangladesh. Which are known as Padma , Meghna , Jamuna and it has applied for total 46 exploration licenses in areas located within the mighty rivers and its confluences. We currently hold two exploration licenses in these areas.
Premier Minerals has identified 18 island areas and has submitted exploration licenses in these regards. Furthermore 5 large shoal applications in between the islands for dredging opportunities have been submitted. In the Island areas a total 23 applications which include the area of Dhal char, Vashar char, Ship char, Sonar char are at the final stages of approval.

Exploration Methods
Exploration Methods

Geologists select areas for exploration by researching an area's geology, topography, soil types and geological history. Exploration is usually undertaken in three stages with each succeeding stage depending upon the result of the previous one. They are respectively, reconnaissance, scout drilling, close boring and computation of mineral reserves. Identifying mineral for new mine sites involves a systematic process of surveys, sampling analyses and evaluation.

Lab activities
Lab Activities

Samples have been taken on the river, Islands and beaches of Bangladesh. Typically the heavy metal separation is conducted in-house using bromoform. Proceeding this we combine several samples for further XRF analyses, Magnetic Separation and Mineralogical Characterisation work using laboratories in both Bangladesh and Australia

Statistical Resource Evaluation
Statistical Resource Evaluation

Heavy Mineral values found from samples are correlated on a map and area wise distribution can be estimated. These methods can be used to target areas of high concentration to optimize our reconnaissance work as well as exploration activities.

Exploration Activities to date

Cox's & Teknaf
Cox's Bazar and Teknaf

Premier Minerals Limited has completed exploration activities covering a total area of 7986 hectares under Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District under two exploration licenses. A reconnaissance grid pattern (80m or 160m along the beach) of manual percussion drilling program was conducted. A small demonstration pilot plant of approximately 150 tph capacity has been proposed to prove the viability of processing mineral sands in this area.

Bay of Bengal Islands

The offshore Islands, locally named as “chars”, are tracts of lands surrounded by waters of the Bay of Bengal and represent accretion of land in a river course or estuary, in this case at the mouth of the mighty Meghna / Ganges / Brahmaputra River system.

Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located on at the mouth of the second largest river system in the world comprising of three large rivers including the Ganges (Padma), The Brahmaputra (Jamuna) and the Meghna. These have a catchment area of over 1.5 million square kilometres. Huge amounts of river sand pass through these systems eroded from the Himalayas above.